It’s just that it lacks actual FFXIV PvP

- The queue is broken, same as it always was. Thats why you can see a friend get 3+ pops while you wait in queue ad eternum. No effort whatsoever made to fix such a glaring BUY ffxiv gil problem.

– GC Restrictions…we all knew they were bad, we begged SE to remove them but no. That’s why I changed to Adders today and had 5 matches in under 2 hours while Flames wait forever. They cling to this system that does way more harm than good.

On top of that, this new mode sucks. Might be Seal Rock nostalgia, but i’m not having as much fun as I did in this mode…I will give it more time because I love pvp but my first impressions aren’t bad, they’re terrible.

So great job SE on not fixing anything, killing Seal Rock which was a lot of fun and replacing it with this…giant piece of garbage. My question is: where is the pvp in this new mode!? No…even more inportantly, where is the fun!?

Needs some more time for everyone to play with it and for it to grow and develop strategies. But it feels like their isn’t a whole lot of a reason to kill a enemy player (besides attacking the enemy base) over attacking the node which kinda feels lame for a pvp mode. They should add some type of incentive to kill someone such as a system that chooses a person who has done the highest dps against the nodes that person gains an attack buff against nodes however if they are killed by a enemy team that team gains 50 pts. Or something along those lines to make it feel like i’m not just stabbing/shooting ice for 20 min.

It’s not that bad. The game mode itself is half-decent. I had some fun with it. It’s just that it lacks actual PvP.

Basically, SE made the same mistake here that they did with Seize/Secure in that they made the PvE elements worth substantially more than the actual PvP. So, like in Seize/Secure, the vast majority of players will just sit on their thumbs until a crystal spawns and refuse to engage the enemy unless they have no other choice. Two teams on one crystal basically turns into one big dps race to see who can burn it faster get ffxiv gil. Once the crystal is done, everyone splits up to race one another to the next spawn. You can kind of think of it like a big scavenger hunt, in that way.

Of course, this also means that people have been falling into the same pitfalls they did in Secure and Slaughter. Teams are so unwilling to actually risk getting into combat that the outcome of the match is heavily swayed by the RNG of the crystal spawns, rather than kill proficiency. So, if you’re looking for actual PvP, then you might be disappointed with this game mode. I’d like to say that this might change as time goes on … but given the history of all the previous FL game modes, I doubt it.

That said, the game mode itself is still fun if you’re willing to just take it for what it is. I’ve enjoyed my matches so far, and if you actually get that rare, once in a blue moon, aggressive team then it can really change the pace of the match. If you get your everyday generic brand of team, then you can at least still have fun with the fact that there are Secure Points on top of Crystal Spawns. It adds some much needed flair over they pure RNG game play of Seize.

FFXIV Forced to finish Before the Fall, dumb design.

It’s pretty next level stupid of Final Fantasy XIV Gil SE to force players to complete the original story quests up to and including before the fall in order to step foot into Heavensward. Got a few friends that bought the game and pre-ordered Heavensward but it looks like we wont be able to start the expansion right away since they dont have the time to finish all of the long and tedious quests leading up to it. I’m sure I’m not the only one having a problem with this. A new expansion should mean a new start and an equalization between the player base and gear. Everyone should be on equal footing.

Maybe i’m off base here, but if you have expert roulette unlocked it’s only a skip and a jump to finish out the main storyline….with almost no content that is difficult anymore. How come we are ok with tiers of coil being blocked off my progression, but not mainline content.

At the end of the day the only people readily affected by this are new players, and they need to play through quests to help them attain that first lvl 50 anyway. If your complaint is one that concerns not wanting to do story missions then I think that you need to look at the success in this game. Alot of that success is attributed to its visual style and the story that it is crafted around. SE knows that the market loves this aspect of the game and is pushing people to experience the world that they have painstakingly crafted.

As a Final Fantasy XIV tank, what should I know/do to make it easier on Healer?

So I am pretty new to this game(and it’s my first MMO), so I don’t know very much about the different limitations of the classes. But that’s not what I’m going FFXIV Gil to ask here.

I just wonder what you, as healer, like to see from tanks that make it easier on you and in your opinion make a run go smoothly? I don’t really know what to expect, what to wait for, what things I may be doing unconsciously that make you silently sit in a rage. xD I try at any opportunity to not piss people off so it’d be really cool to know what to avoid or what you like to see from a tank.

For dungeons:

– Actually use your resources proactively. This might sound stupid to you, but many people just ‘get by’ and won’t rotate their cooldowns as necessary. The same kind of guys never seem to plan ahead and try to minmax in general.

– On the previous note: distribute your cooldowns evenly between bigger pulls instead of stacking them on one pull and having nothing on the next one. You obviously need to use your own judgment here, but if you’re doing sets of big pulls, it can be possible you’re overkilling it on the first pull and underkilling on the next one. Makes a healer lose a lot DPS in simply having to keep the tank up. (Unless very overgeared).

– Tag NPCs properly with some skill with an enmity modifier. A shield lob/Tomahawk for singular mobs, or then running by and Flashing as you go past them. Again, for bigger pulls, healers sometimes wanna cast once or twice mid-pull whilst headed towards the designated pull-ending-place; simply running past mobs and not generating sufficient hate on them will suck, as mobs will run free if someone does anything to net aggro (buffing themselves, casting E4E, a fairy using Embrace on you, never mind manually casted heals by the healer). Simply running by mobs will put you on top of the enmity list by 1 point, but all and any actual actions will make people surpass this number, hence the mobs can be lost mid-pull and them yoyoing can destroy the whole pull, which is why you need to be considerate of this while pulling big Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

There’re many other things, QoL stuff and otherwise (such as Sprint-pulling on a PLD whilst considering that a mitigation tool, as you’ll use Flash for the most part anyway for big pulls) but you’re still new to the game as you say and this is your first MMO, so you might not be doing speedruns right off the bat. (And we’ll transition into level 60 soon enough anyway, with everyone having new stuff to learn).

For raiding content and stuff, it’s the best to level other jobs yourself to understand how certain things work out. However, if you don’t move a mob around needlessly (“spin2win!”), you’re off to a good start at least. Just use common sense, read a few guides, watch gameplay videos of skilled players, level stuff yourself, actually read the tooltips and if you’re wondering about something – search about it on the internet or ask a question. General stuff, y’know.

FFXIV Weddings question

My partner and I want to get married ingame and I want to buy us the platinum wedding bands. However my partner has the free  Final Fantasy XIV Gil wedding dress but never got married, is she still able to get the platinum wedding dress if i get her it?

Congratulations on your engagement!

My character married my boyfriend’s character a few months ago and we went with the platinum plan for our wedding as well so I hopefully can answer this.

The wedding dress/groom’s tuxedo comes in three different versions corresponding to what style of wedding plan you choose – the platinum level version gives you two different dresses/tuxedos you can wear (the main difference is they can be dyed to whatever colour you wish, the free version can’t).

The wedding equipment you get with the ‘standard’ and ‘platinum’ level weddings is physically different to the wedding attire gained from the free version (appearance wise it’s the same, it’s just the name that’s slightly different and the fact the ‘free’ version gear cannot be dyed). As long as your partner terminated her previous marriage (by simply discarding her ring), you should be able to get married with no problems, and can still have her old wedding dress if she so desires.

Ah, I’m sorry I didn’t read your original post entirely correctly – if your partner started the wedding quest previously but never went through with it, she will have to abandon the previous one first before you could start the new wedding. To do this, she just has to open her Journal, select the quest ‘The Ties that Bind’ (which would be listed under ‘Current’ quests), and select ‘Abandon’. This should then automatically dispose of her promise bracelet as well while still retaining the wedding dress (if it doesn’t, just select the item in the inventory manually and select ‘Discard’).

This was a point I missed in your original post – your partner would still have the quest active and thus would need Cheap FFXIV Gil to abandon it first before she could go ahead with the new one. It should be easy enough to do so though so don’t worry.

Please Allow 50’s to Enter Ishgard w/o having completed FFXIV MSQ

Somebody mentioned before that they like to play this game to be a crafter or gatherer… and Final Fantasy XIV Gil that up until Heavensward, they could effectively do so with very minimal combat required… forcing them through MSQ (in doing so, forcing them to play a combat class deep into lvl. 50 content)… I highly dislike that direction.

As well, not everybody plays this game for the story. It’s great that you want to push the story SE, but this being a themepark MMO & offering many avenues of play… I think you should offer an alternative way into Ishgard for 50’s.

I know there are story-ties to getting into Ishgard… but other ways can be made… example:

A gatherer in search of legendary Ishgardian spoils is sent on an epic voyage to Ishgard through alternate means, etc.

Please give us a minor sidequest arc to get into Ishgard from 50 w/o MSQ entirety fulfillment.

This will only benefit the game, newcomers, & recent players. Win-win-win.

I feel sorry for new players who have to go through the entire main quest just to get into the expansion.
I have done the mainquest 3 times with my 3 characters and for someone who doesn’t enjoy the story at all it’s worse than farming relic weapons.
I’m serious I’d rather farm relic for all jobs than doing the main quest 3 times.

Soo yes I agree with you, they need Cheap FFXIV Gil to find some way to skip it.