FFXIV Weddings question

My partner and I want to get married ingame and I want to buy us the platinum wedding bands. However my partner has the free  Final Fantasy XIV Gil wedding dress but never got married, is she still able to get the platinum wedding dress if i get her it?

Congratulations on your engagement!

My character married my boyfriend’s character a few months ago and we went with the platinum plan for our wedding as well so I hopefully can answer this.

The wedding dress/groom’s tuxedo comes in three different versions corresponding to what style of wedding plan you choose – the platinum level version gives you two different dresses/tuxedos you can wear (the main difference is they can be dyed to whatever colour you wish, the free version can’t).

The wedding equipment you get with the ‘standard’ and ‘platinum’ level weddings is physically different to the wedding attire gained from the free version (appearance wise it’s the same, it’s just the name that’s slightly different and the fact the ‘free’ version gear cannot be dyed). As long as your partner terminated her previous marriage (by simply discarding her ring), you should be able to get married with no problems, and can still have her old wedding dress if she so desires.

Ah, I’m sorry I didn’t read your original post entirely correctly – if your partner started the wedding quest previously but never went through with it, she will have to abandon the previous one first before you could start the new wedding. To do this, she just has to open her Journal, select the quest ‘The Ties that Bind’ (which would be listed under ‘Current’ quests), and select ‘Abandon’. This should then automatically dispose of her promise bracelet as well while still retaining the wedding dress (if it doesn’t, just select the item in the inventory manually and select ‘Discard’).

This was a point I missed in your original post – your partner would still have the quest active and thus would need Cheap FFXIV Gil to abandon it first before she could go ahead with the new one. It should be easy enough to do so though so don’t worry.


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