Please Allow 50’s to Enter Ishgard w/o having completed FFXIV MSQ

Somebody mentioned before that they like to play this game to be a crafter or gatherer… and Final Fantasy XIV Gil that up until Heavensward, they could effectively do so with very minimal combat required… forcing them through MSQ (in doing so, forcing them to play a combat class deep into lvl. 50 content)… I highly dislike that direction.

As well, not everybody plays this game for the story. It’s great that you want to push the story SE, but this being a themepark MMO & offering many avenues of play… I think you should offer an alternative way into Ishgard for 50’s.

I know there are story-ties to getting into Ishgard… but other ways can be made… example:

A gatherer in search of legendary Ishgardian spoils is sent on an epic voyage to Ishgard through alternate means, etc.

Please give us a minor sidequest arc to get into Ishgard from 50 w/o MSQ entirety fulfillment.

This will only benefit the game, newcomers, & recent players. Win-win-win.

I feel sorry for new players who have to go through the entire main quest just to get into the expansion.
I have done the mainquest 3 times with my 3 characters and for someone who doesn’t enjoy the story at all it’s worse than farming relic weapons.
I’m serious I’d rather farm relic for all jobs than doing the main quest 3 times.

Soo yes I agree with you, they need Cheap FFXIV Gil to find some way to skip it.


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