FFXIV Forced to finish Before the Fall, dumb design.

It’s pretty next level stupid of Final Fantasy XIV Gil SE to force players to complete the original story quests up to and including before the fall in order to step foot into Heavensward. Got a few friends that bought the game and pre-ordered Heavensward but it looks like we wont be able to start the expansion right away since they dont have the time to finish all of the long and tedious quests leading up to it. I’m sure I’m not the only one having a problem with this. A new expansion should mean a new start and an equalization between the player base and gear. Everyone should be on equal footing.

Maybe i’m off base here, but if you have expert roulette unlocked it’s only a skip and a jump to finish out the main storyline….with almost no content that is difficult anymore. How come we are ok with tiers of coil being blocked off my progression, but not mainline content.

At the end of the day the only people readily affected by this are new players, and they need to play through quests to help them attain that first lvl 50 anyway. If your complaint is one that concerns not wanting to do story missions then I think that you need to look at the success in this game. Alot of that success is attributed to its visual style and the story that it is crafted around. SE knows that the market loves this aspect of the game and is pushing people to experience the world that they have painstakingly crafted.


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