It’s just that it lacks actual FFXIV PvP

- The queue is broken, same as it always was. Thats why you can see a friend get 3+ pops while you wait in queue ad eternum. No effort whatsoever made to fix such a glaring BUY ffxiv gil problem.

– GC Restrictions…we all knew they were bad, we begged SE to remove them but no. That’s why I changed to Adders today and had 5 matches in under 2 hours while Flames wait forever. They cling to this system that does way more harm than good.

On top of that, this new mode sucks. Might be Seal Rock nostalgia, but i’m not having as much fun as I did in this mode…I will give it more time because I love pvp but my first impressions aren’t bad, they’re terrible.

So great job SE on not fixing anything, killing Seal Rock which was a lot of fun and replacing it with this…giant piece of garbage. My question is: where is the pvp in this new mode!? No…even more inportantly, where is the fun!?

Needs some more time for everyone to play with it and for it to grow and develop strategies. But it feels like their isn’t a whole lot of a reason to kill a enemy player (besides attacking the enemy base) over attacking the node which kinda feels lame for a pvp mode. They should add some type of incentive to kill someone such as a system that chooses a person who has done the highest dps against the nodes that person gains an attack buff against nodes however if they are killed by a enemy team that team gains 50 pts. Or something along those lines to make it feel like i’m not just stabbing/shooting ice for 20 min.

It’s not that bad. The game mode itself is half-decent. I had some fun with it. It’s just that it lacks actual PvP.

Basically, SE made the same mistake here that they did with Seize/Secure in that they made the PvE elements worth substantially more than the actual PvP. So, like in Seize/Secure, the vast majority of players will just sit on their thumbs until a crystal spawns and refuse to engage the enemy unless they have no other choice. Two teams on one crystal basically turns into one big dps race to see who can burn it faster get ffxiv gil. Once the crystal is done, everyone splits up to race one another to the next spawn. You can kind of think of it like a big scavenger hunt, in that way.

Of course, this also means that people have been falling into the same pitfalls they did in Secure and Slaughter. Teams are so unwilling to actually risk getting into combat that the outcome of the match is heavily swayed by the RNG of the crystal spawns, rather than kill proficiency. So, if you’re looking for actual PvP, then you might be disappointed with this game mode. I’d like to say that this might change as time goes on … but given the history of all the previous FL game modes, I doubt it.

That said, the game mode itself is still fun if you’re willing to just take it for what it is. I’ve enjoyed my matches so far, and if you actually get that rare, once in a blue moon, aggressive team then it can really change the pace of the match. If you get your everyday generic brand of team, then you can at least still have fun with the fact that there are Secure Points on top of Crystal Spawns. It adds some much needed flair over they pure RNG game play of Seize.


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